September 13, 2021 by Tim Peterson

Eighteen months ago, Canadian TV network proprietor Blue Ant Media opted to interrupt into the U.S. by plot of the free, advert-supported streaming TV market because it came across the domestic pay-TV market to be too crowded. Now, as the firm rolls out its second 24/7 streaming channel within the U.S., Blue Ant Media is contending with an extra and extra saturated FAST market.

“The inquire is ‘How construct you break out in a 200-channel universe?’ That’s what we’re trying to construct very unparalleled within the FAST aspect as unparalleled as the published aspect,” acknowledged Jamie Schouela, president of world channels and media at Blue Ant Media.

Blue Ant Media is confronting the hassle of standing out amid the total other 24/7 streaming channels by guidance toward specialization. Its first FAST channel within the U.S., Admire Nature, is oriented spherical nature and flowers and fauna fare. Its second — HauntTV, which unexcited-launched on Roku’s The Roku Channel in mid-August after debuting on Roku’s and Samsung’s FAST companies in Canada within the previous year — focuses on paranormal-linked programming. 

That arena of interest procedure looks to be working. Since HauntTV’s mid-August unexcited birth on The Roku Channel within the U.S., it has attracted roughly 600,000 habitual viewers who have spent, in aggregate, 11.2 million minutes gazing the channel, Schoela acknowledged.

“Niche has always been in our DNA, talking to particular audiences. This, for us, is the evolution of that,” acknowledged Schouela.

That arena of interest procedure is moreover indicative of the FAST market’s evolution. As companies ranging from TV networks to digital video publishers to the FAST companies themselves roll out 24/7 streaming channels, the FAST companies’ programming guides have become so packed that “it’s easy for stuff to rep misplaced,” acknowledged Alan Wolk, co-founder and lead analyst at consulting firm TVRev. 

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In distinction, it might maybe most likely fetch it so that channels are that very clear of their boom classes become extra without effort chanced on by plot of being suddenly identifiable, in particular if their names are as clear-decrease as HauntTV. “That’s a dapper ingredient because, for see you later, so many cable channels had these random names and no one ever knew what they had been about, or they had been abbreviations,” acknowledged Wolk.

Obviously, in truth useful as names can even be for attracting audiences, the programming is what’s going to withhold them placing spherical. To that stop, Blue Ant Media is packing HauntTV with a combination of obtained and existing long-established presentations which can maybe well well be largely excellent available on the FAST channel. The firm’s operate is for the 75% of the channel’s programming to be strange to FAST companies, and the channel is quite at that threshold with “a total bunch of hours” already strange, Schouela acknowledged.

In the end Blue Ant Media plans to invest in producing long-established presentations particularly for the FAST channel, Schouela acknowledged, but that’s contingent on the channel producing ample earnings and viewership to advantage the cash. He declined to voice how unparalleled earnings Blue Ant Media’s portfolio of FAST channels generate.

Relatedly, the firm moreover has an scrutinize toward promoting its U.S. FAST channels’ advert stock, because it does for the Canadian variations, but for now, Blue Ant Media permits the FAST service owners to promote the commercials and receives a share of the resulting earnings.

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“That’s something that I assume is evolving,” acknowledged Schouela, who could well had been referring to the FAST market overall.

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