From nameless, encrypted messaging and OTC procuring and selling to investment alternatives in promising crypto projects, Secretum prides itself as an formidable blockchain platform providing multi-layer utilities.

The ecosystem surrounding Secretum is immense, various, and intertwined. Despite the incontrovertible truth that within the early levels of constructing, the platform is already exhibiting serious doable. Significantly pondering the map it goals to form out multiple true-existence considerations faced by the crypto team of workers worldwide.

But ahead of we delve into the that it is advisable to perchance well perchance perchance also mediate of impact Secretum will procure on the broader crypto ecosystem, let’s first procure a immediate overview of the platform and the encompassing ecosystem.

What’s Secretum?

Secretum used to be founded in 2021 as the principal-of-its-model decentralized, encrypted messaging and OTC procuring and selling app (dApp). Constructed on the Solana blockchain, the dApp is centered on bringing the next alternatives/enhancements to the table:

  • To guarantee that crypto wallets are stable from cybertheft, knowledge breaches, or a variety of risks that will lead to financial loss or the breach of beautiful personal knowledge.
  • Enabling crypto merchants to alternate digital sources in a ticket-efficient map. This is appropriate to each fungible sources equivalent to Bitcoin and Ethereum, as effectively as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • Allowing the flexibility to validate the identification of a variety of crypto wallets whereas ensuring that every person communications and transactions happen with extra layers of safety.

To enact these desires, the company has laid the inspiration of an ecosystem comprising the next companies:

Secretum companies and aspects

  • Secretum Encrypted Messenger: Secretum’s homegrown rapid messenger enables you to keep up a correspondence without lengthen and anonymously with any a variety of crypto wallet owners on the planet. All communications within the midst of the app — be it text chats, teach, or video calls — are established by process of wallet addresses. This map, you plot no longer want to half your name, electronic mail, phone quantity, or any a variety of identifiable knowledge.
  • OTC procuring and selling: The dApp moreover enables you to plot over-the-counter (OTC) trades of cash and tokens. All trades are scrutinize-to-scrutinize and are backed by escrow neutral contracts (ESCs).
  • Funding alternatives: It is possible you’ll perchance well be in a internet website online to moreover exhaust the Secretum dApp to put money into validated cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. No longer most involving that, however you moreover regain to discover about the contemporary inclinations and upcoming hot projects by interacting with fellow team of workers individuals by process of neutral public channels.m
  • Provide order on public channels: With Secretum, order creators can provide premium order to a variety of customers by process of public channels. In return, they’re paid by process of the SER token, the platform’s native asset.

Secretum: Below the hood

The Secretum ecosystem is built on a 3-layer architecture consisting of blockchain, nodes, and capabilities.


This is de facto the principal layer that’s in step with Secretum’s Ethereum-based personal blockchain community.

This blockchain caters exclusively to the capabilities within the midst of the Secretum ecosystem. Node-to-node discovery and communications happen within the next sequence:

  • A node sends a ask looking out out for permission to keep up a correspondence with another node for the principal time.
  • The underlying blockchain community finds basically the most involving path to forward the ask to the destination node.
  • As soon as the connection is established, each nodes retailer a cache of the principal contact for to ensure faster and even extra efficient communication in the end.


The 2nd layer oversees the routing of all inter-node communications, as effectively as node-to-shopper communications. 

Each and every particular person node shops the addresses of the full accounts registered on it. Furthermore, it moreover shops a staked SER token amount. (For clarity, by staking the SER token, Secretrum customers regain what could perchance well be most involving described as a bonafide notify to establish communication with a variety of customers.)

Each and every node shops the IPs of the customers registered with them to snappy and precisely route all communications to the meant recipients. The nodes are moreover configured to snappy retailer undelivered knowledge. This is to be sure that even though a shopper is registered on a node however is offline at a given time, they’ll silent regain the encrypted knowledge upon restoring reference to the community.

Attributable to each node is configured to bolster most involving a exiguous quantity of customers, node-to-shopper routing is enforced with conventional mapping.


The third layer is the Application layer and it hosts the Secretum Messenger, OTC procuring and selling, and file storage companies. The Application layer is required to registering customers on nodes whereas concurrently enabling them to keep up a correspondence and alternate with every other. It moreover ensures that every person customers within the midst of the Secretum ecosystem are adequately verified, however no longer on the ticket of their anonymity.

How can Secretum perchance regain lives more straightforward for crypto customers?

Secretum promises to ship a multilayer intention to loads of the points normally faced by the crypto team of workers on the safety and privacy fronts. These encompass:

  • Secretum is a pudgy decentralized platform, meaning it doesn’t retailer any shopper knowledge and thereby gives total anonymity. All node-to-node communications are safely saved on the platform’s Ethereum-based blockchain community. There are no restrictions on knowledge transfers, no intervention by moderators, and 100% dwell-to-dwell encryption.
  • Secretum leverages Solana to enable crypto customers to alternate with every other entirely anonymously, without needing to explain any identifiable knowledge. The p2p file and asset transactions on the platform require no names, emails, phone numbers, blueprint, or bank small print. Accurate one wallet deal with and it is advisable to perchance well very effectively be role to switch.
  • Buying and selling crypto on Secretum is ticket-efficient too due to all transactions are scrutinize-to-scrutinize. This helps customers steer clear of costs, community congestions, and liquidity points normally affecting crypto exchanges.
  • The notify of uncompromised knowledge safety is another wide edge Secretum promises to its customers. All files are saved on relied on, self reliant nodes and the full transfers happen on a p2p basis. The encryption procedures are moreover verified most involving by the parties fervent. This drastically reduces the chance of password leaks or safety breaches which had been haunting traditional cloud storage platforms.

For added knowledge on Secretum and the venture’s roadmap, hop over to the company internet website online and their litepaper. 


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