HP’s ZBook lineup — which encompasses the gentle-weight ZBook Firefly, the realistic ZBook Energy, the essential ZBook Fury, and the most full of life-of-all-worlds ZBook Studio brands — doesn’t attract numerous attention. As a cell workstation-class tool, the ZBook Studio is no longer as flashy as most gaming laptops or as realistic as most “creator” laptops, but in quite a bit of strategies, it’s better than each and each.

In the parlance of the tech nerd, the HP ZBook Studio G8 is a “cell workstation.” On the hardware side, that every so often implies that you’re getting a Xeon processor, error-correcting (ECC) RAM, and an A-collection or Quadro graphics card, paired with some form of reliability attempting out (MIL-SPEC or MIL-STD), software certifications from predominant builders like Adobe, and a long guarantee. All of this customarily comes linked to a designate so high you’ll get altitude illness in the occasion you overview at it for too lengthy.

We don’t customarily overview cell workstations on PetaPixel for the reason that worth amplify associated to issues like ECC memory and an endeavor GPU doesn’t translate into a measurable performance develop for picture and video making improvements to, but HP did one thing full of life with the ZBook Studio G8: the firm form of split the variation.

The Studio G8 doesn’t utilize ECC memory or an Intel Xeon CPU, and it will also merely furthermore be configured with a typical GeForce RTX 30-collection GPU, but it level-headed comes with all of the diversified workstation perks. In diversified phrases: it affords the same performance as a high-discontinue gaming pc pc and the same graceful, expert bring collectively as a high-discontinue client pc pc, with better bring collectively quality, assured reliability, and a long guarantee than either of the diversified categories. Consequently, it’s miles accessible in a minute bit much less dear than an identical choices from, recount, the Dell Precision lineup.

That’s no longer to recount it’s cheap. The model HP sent us for overview level-headed costs an survey-watering $4,400:

Even in the occasion you downgrade one of the dear parts, you’re level-headed going to exercise numerous money. We indubitably requested the of us at HP to ship us “Excellent, Greater, Easiest” configuration choices that they would indicate, and the most realistic of the bunch will level-headed glide you practically $2,800:

But that’s no longer to recount that the worth isn’t justified, or no longer lower than justifiable. From bring collectively to usability to uncooked performance, this pc pc is unparalleled. It’s right essential to jam expectations from the get-plod: We’re no longer speaking about a price range pc pc this day. We’re no longer even speaking about a semi-realistic pc pc. We’re speaking about a cell workstation that costs a substantial top rate in substitute for expert-grade reliability and warranted performance.

If paying a $1,000 top rate for MIL-STD reliability attempting out, software certifications, and a long guarantee sounds loopy to you, then a cell workstation is the hideous alternative and there’s no motive to read on. Alternatively, if that appears like an cheap funding and also you just like the truth that HP isn’t forcing you to throw additional money away on determined endeavor-grade specs you don’t desire or want, then read on, for the reason that HP ZBook Studio G8 turns out to be an unparalleled pc pc for creative professionals.

Gain and Plot

There are finest about a laptops that can perchance well compete with the likes of Apple and Razer in the case of chassis bring collectively, however the HP ZBook Studio G8 is nice looking up there with the most full of life. The magnesium-and-aluminum alloy chassis is as inflexible as a tank, extremely thin, and carved into a piquant bring collectively language that I cherished from the 2d I jam eyes on this pc pc.

Plot quality indubitably is high-notch. HP’s workstation-grade “Z” devices all undergo MIL-STD-810 attempting out, making sure a degree of reliability that surpasses anything you would count on from a frail client pc pc. The MIL-STD-810 same outdated positive aspects a group of checks that take a look at for resistance against vibration, mud, sand, humidity, altitude, drops, temperature shock, and even a “Freeze/Thaw” take a look at.

Adding to the pc pc’s reliability quotient is a 3-12 months guarantee remark from the manufacturer, a perk that customarily costs additional (if it’s on hand the least bit) while you like a consumer pc pc.

Crack the ZBook Studio G8 birth, and also you’ll tell an unparalleled keyboard that mixes a savory click on with a true quantity of race, zero mush, and per-key RGB lights that affords the pc pc right a minute bit little bit of gaming flare. The lights is managed by HP’s “OMEN” dashboard, and it’s a relaxing contact on an otherwise very expert-having a witness pc pc.

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This is accompanied by a slick, glass-topped trackpad that affords a proper and intensely successfully-optimized trip that can perchance well compete with the most full of life-of-the-finest. Because the speaker grill is positioned above the keyboard, the trackpad isn’t reasonably as substantial because the ones you’ll win on the latest Apple and Dell pc methods, but it changed into as soon as masses substantial ample for me.

Port desire is true, with finest a minute bit room for enchancment. On the left side of the machine is an audio-combo jack, a USB Model-A port, and a Kensington lock; on the sexy side, you’ll win a sealable SD card slot, a Mini DisplayPort 1.4 port that’s linked straight away to the GPU, and two Thunderbolt 4 ports that can perchance well lift 40Gbps of records, vitality, and a tell sign.

My gripes are minimal. Essentially, I changed into as soon as pissed off that the Thunderbolt 4 ports are linked straight away to the iGPU and not using a means to re-route that sign in the BIOS (right here is fixed with HP). Consequently, anybody using a high-discontinue 4K exterior tell will desire to make utilize of the Mini DisplayPort for nice looking 10-bit color or high refresh-rate gaming.

For that motive by myself, I indubitably settle on that HP had included an HDMI 2.1 port on this configuration in jam of the MiniDP port. None of the monitors I’ve ever reviewed came with a MiniDP to DP 1.4 cable in the sphere, wihch forces me to discover a new cable in repeat to get paunchy performance out of the ASUS ProArt PA32UCG I changed into as soon as using when I reviewed this pc pc and eliminates the option of using this as a “single-cable” setup with Thunderbolt offering records, tell, and vitality.

Happily, the included tell is more than true ample to bring collectively expert creative work. The model we’re attempting out positive aspects a contact-enabled 4K AMOLED cowl that changed into as soon as in a region to hit successfully over 100% sRGB, 99.9% DCI-P3, and 91.6% Adobe RGB with an unparalleled Delta E of lower than 2 and a maximum brightness of ~400 nits.

If OLED isn’t your thing, the ZBook Studio G8 is furthermore on hand with a 4K 120Hz “HP DreamColor” LCD tell with an advertised height brightness of 600 nits and 100% protection of DCI-P3, or an rather more realistic Beefy HD model that promises 100% protection of sRGB.

It’s nice to direct about a manufacturer provide each and each a 4K LCD and a 4K OLED option with an identical gamut protection, moreover to a more realistic (but level-headed acceptable) Beefy HD option. Need to you’re bought on the peace of strategies of a cell workstation but abominate the worth designate it carries, the decrease-discontinue cowl option opens the door to get creative along with your configuration, in particular in the occasion you map to make utilize of an exterior tell powerful of the time.

As for our 4K OLED unit, you would survey the outcomes from our DisplayCAL checks below:

The HP ZBook G8 covers 99.9% of DCI-P3 (left) and successfully over 100% of sRGB (nice looking).

If there’s a substantial downside to the high-res cowl on our model it’s doubtlessly battery performance, which is decidedly heart of the road.

As with diversified high-performance notebooks, the ZBook Studio’s 83WHr battery can’t enhance the pc’s paunchy 110W TDP (30W to the CPU, 80W to the GPU), and while you’re pushing the pc to its battery-powered performance restrict, you would count on no longer more than about two hours of intense picture making improvements to. In a more realistic, battery saver or balanced mode, I changed into as soon as in a region to get about six hours of utilize for writing, occasional jabber material consumption, and gentle picture making improvements to, but don’t count on this pc pc to compete with one thing that’s powered by AMD.

Overall, I chanced on quite a bit to love and indubitably minute to bitch about in the case of the bring collectively and declare collectively quality of the ZBook Studio G8. It’s an unparalleled pc pc that felt like a minute bit share of militia gear with just ample bring collectively flare. The nice keyboard and trackpad, the expert-grade tell, and the twin Thunderbolt 4 ports all produce it a true contender for excessive creative work.

Photograph Bettering Performance

Given the extremely thin bring collectively, I changed into as soon as skeptical that the HP may perchance well perchance be in a region to squeeze every ounce of performance out of its Core i9-11950H and NVIDIA RTX 3070. I changed into as soon as finest roughly nice looking. In most of our benchmarks, the ZBook couldn’t reasonably out-bring collectively the latest Razer Blade 15 Developed, which technically uses an ever-so-reasonably of slower Core i9-11900H, however the thinner ZBook Studio changed into as soon as level-headed in a region to churn out high-shelf performance numbers.

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Whether or no longer you’re working Photoshop, Lightroom, or Preserve One, you would count on the Studio G8 to fly by procedure of most picture and video making improvements to tasks with ease, all whereas staying remarkably level-headed in comparison to a few the gaming laptops I’ve examined.

For our comparisons this day, we’re exhibiting the outcomes from the HP side-by-side with the same checks glide on an M1 iMac, an AMD-powered ASUS Zephyrus G14, and the aforementioned Blade 15 Developed. Beefy specs below:

Lightroom Classic

In our same outdated import and export checks, the ZBook clocked in a exiguous bit slower than the Razer Blade, but sooner than our diversified take a look at machines. As a reminder, these checks consist of importing 110 61-megapixel Sony a7R IV and 150 100-megapixel PhaseOne XF RAW recordsdata, generating 1:1 (Lightroom Classic) or 2560px (Preserve One Expert) previews, making utilize of a personalized preset with heavy global edits, after which exporting these self same recordsdata as 100% JPEGs and 16-bit TIFFs.

You can survey the outcomes for Lightroom Classic below:

Preserve One Expert

The fable is even better in Preserve One, the attach the pc’s RTX 3070 in the raze gets to flex its muscle.

As we’ve talked about in just a few of our previous reviews, Lightroom does no longer utilize any form of GPU acceleration during import or export, relying completely on the performance of your CPU and RAM to generate the numbers you survey above. Alternatively, Preserve One does prefer advantage of the GPU, so when it comes time to export the closely-edited Sony a7R IV and Section One XF variants in C1, the HP ZBook Studio G8 changed into as soon as in a region to shut the opening with the Blade and substitute blows on the tip of the pack.

The implications are indubitably a wash between the three PCs, all of which revenue from NVIDIA RTX 30 collection GPUs, with the M1 iMac falling means late:


Eventually, we ran our ordinary Photoshop take a look at: Puget Methods‘ industry-same outdated PugetBench benchmark.

PugetBench assigns an Overall and four Class scores after timing a huge differ of tasks along side traditional stuff like loading, saving, and resizing a colossal .psd, GPU-accelerated filters like Neat Sharpen and Field Blur, and closely RAM-dependent tasks like Photograph Merge. As now we beget got in the previous, we ran model 0.8 of this explicit benchmark, because it changed into as soon as the final model to embody a Photograph Merge take a look at.

As you would survey, the essential GPU, 32GB of 3200MHz RAM, and the NVIDIA RTX 3070 GPU come collectively to avoid losing up impressive numbers in every class examined:

Performance Takeaways

There’s no questioning the HP ZBook Studio G8’s performance chops. Is it the most essential pc pc money can prefer? Indisputably no longer. HP’s own ZBook Fury lineup, the Alienware x17, and the Lenovo Legion 7i (to title about a) can all be configured with more essential (and vitality-hungry) CPU/GPU combinations that can perchance perchance no-doubt outperform the ZBook Studio. Alternatively, it’s awesome to direct about this roughly performance across the board from this sort of thin tool.

This is severely impressive picture making improvements to performance packed internal of a chassis that’s thinner than we previously thought that you would direct of for an Intel-basically based workstation.

Magnificent Gain, Gigantic Performance, Painful Price Price

Need to you would belly the worth, the HP ZBook Studio G8 is a nice looking pc pc for picture and video editors who desire huge performance paired with assured reliability. That latter point indubitably matters to working pros, who customarily select for high-discontinue gaming laptops with much less-than-supreme bring collectively quality and decrease-quality displays in repeat to bring collectively that roughly performance.

Alternatively, even while you stamp the advantages, the Studio G8’s designate is de facto laborious to swallow. The variant I examined right here costs about $1,000 more than you would exercise on an (already costly) Razer Blade 15 Developed with on the total the same core specs, a more essential GPU, sooner PCIe Gen 4 storage, and a subsequent-gen OLED tell that covers 100% of every and each DCI-P3 and AdobeRGB.

You indubitably would like to worth these un-bright cell workstation perks in the occasion you’re going to make clear that roughly designate hike.

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  • Magnificent performance
  • Skinny, gentle, rugged bring collectively
  • Wonderful trackpad and keyboard
  • Quite quite a bit of color-true tell choices
  • Stable port desire with two Thunderbolt 4 ports and an SD card slot
  • MIL-STD-810 examined
  • 3-12 months guarantee included


  • No HDMI port
  • SSD is PCIe 3.0, no longer 4.0
  • RAM is no longer upgradable
  • Sky high designate

I abominate to exercise so powerful time addressing a pc’s designate since rather more goes into judging the actual-world worth of a pc than the worth of its parts, so in most circumstances, I’ll focal point on performance and worth and leave the financial calculus to particular particular person readers who beget particular particular person budgets and don’t give an particular particular person rattling whether I direct a pc pc is “much less dear.”

Alternatively, “cell workstations” just like the ZBook Studio G8 exist in a diversified financial truth, and it’s essential to relish the advantages and drawbacks of that truth before you either a) exercise means too powerful on a pc pc you don’t want, or b) ignore functions and advantages that also can produce the pc pc price every final penny.

For me, a successfully-constructed client pc pc is first rate ample. I merely don’t utilize my pc methods laborious ample to make clear the worth leap and there are some indubitably unparalleled choices available. But in the occasion you’re a talented photographer or video editor who needs a successfully-rounded, rock-true machine that can plod along with you all over for the subsequent three to 5 years, the HP ZBook Studio G8 is price a extremely shut witness. It’s much less dear than numerous its remark competitors in the workstation-class, affords you an excellent broader differ of configurations to take dangle of from, and it churns out better performance than we expected from one thing so graceful.

Are There Conceivable picks?

Quite quite a bit of predominant pc pc makers beget a workstation price that affords an identical advantages to the ZBook Studio. The most widespread are doubtlessly Lenovo’s ThinkPads and Dell’s Precision lineup. As I talked about earlier, these laptops customarily swap NVIDIA’s GeForce graphics for a cell Quadro or A-collection GPU, every so often they utilize error-correcting “ECC” RAM, and generally they embody longer warranties, the aforementioned militia-grade certifications, and displays that save an emphasis on color and/or battery existence over wander and/or gaming performance.

For photographers, we’d indicate holding off anything with ECC memory, an Intel Xeon processor, or an A-collection/Quadro card, merely because these upgrades have a tendency to amplify the worth vastly with out adding powerful to particular-world picture and even video making improvements to performance. An 11th-gen Core i7 or Core i9 CPU, DDR4 RAM and a GeForce RTX 30 collection GPU is correct graceful. As a replace, in the occasion you’re attracted to a cell workstation, focal point more on functions like a true manufacturer guarantee, standardized reliability attempting out, and a killer LCD or OLED tell with shut-to-100% protection of either AdobeRGB or DCI-P3.

deal of HP’s ZBook-branded laptops, Dell’s Precision laptops, and just a few of Lenovo’s ThinkPad gadgets substitute blows right here in a unfold of designate brackets and configurations, depending on the roughly CPU, GPU, and tell performance you wish.

Need to you’re no longer attracted to a cell workstation, you can discover an identical performance and true bring collectively quality for a lot much less money by shopping a high quality client or gaming pc pc just like the Dell XPS 15/17, the Razer Blade 15 Developed and Razer Blade 17, or the ASUS Zephyrus G14/G15 (right to title about a). You’ll get rather more performance-bang-for-your-buck by going with a “client” or “creator” pc pc vs an right “cell workstation,” right be attentive to what you’re giving up.

Need to You Take dangle of It


The caveats above follow, but diversified than about a minor gripes that I mention above, I’m in a position to no longer fault this pc pc. For creatives, it’s a workhorse. The ZBook Studio G8 delivered rather more “umph” than I expected from this sort of thin and gentle chassis whereas staying reasonably level-headed, it appears to be like and feels huge, and it affords a true differ of configuration choices that can perchance well allow you to dial in a ratio of designate-to-performance that works for you.

It’s indirectly as much as you mediate if the un-glamorous advantages of a cell workstation are price the inflated stamp. But in the occasion that they are, then I’d no longer beget any qualms recommending this pc pc.

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