Hotspot Defend overview: Aloof the undisputed stride champ in VPNs

Hotspot Defend overview: Aloof the undisputed stride champ in VPNs

Hotspot Defend is effectively the quickest VPN we have ever tested, and while the privateness protection is no longer glorious, this is the VPN you desire if stride is your handiest mission.

hotspot shield

Hotspot Defend

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Hotspot Defend in transient:

P2P allowed: Yes
Commerce space: United States
Selection of servers: 1,800+
Selection of country areas: 85
Ticket: $95.88 per yr
VPN protocol: Commonplace TLS1.2 / DTLS1.2 tunnel the usage of OpenSSL 1.1 library
Recordsdata encryption: AES-GCM (128- and 256-bit) and ChaCha-poly1305 supported
Recordsdata authentication: All supported cipher suites effect authenticated encryption the usage of an AEAD mannequin.
Handshake: Commonplace TLS1.2/DTLS1.2

It’s time to engage one more scrutinize at our reigning stride champion, Hotstpot Defend, which is currently owned by a firm named Air of secrecy.

Hotspot Defend hasn’t changed that essential since our last overview in 2019, and it looks to be like somewhat essential associated to it did then. Air of secrecy, admire outdated-owner Pango, sells Hotspot Defend bundled with other safety-focused draw. For the time being the equipment entails the VPN, antivirus, a unsolicited mail name blocker for mobile, and a password supervisor.  

Repeat: This overview is segment of our easiest VPNs roundup. Plod there for itsy-bitsy print about competing merchandise and the absolute best contrivance we tested them.

Functions and products and services

hotspotshielddashboard IDG

Hotspot Defend’s default dashboard.

In case you commence Hotspot Defend it presentations a matte-gloomy background with a substantial vitality button within the center of the window. The default show masks entails two tiles under the vitality button. One is for picking your space, and the other shows your cumulative on each day basis data usage.

One of the significant VPN’s country areas employ virtual servers, where the bodily server isn’t primarily within the talked about country. For the time being HSS makes employ of bodily servers in 43 worldwide locations: Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Belarus, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Isle of Man, Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Hotspot Defend’s total server depend is the total contrivance down to 1,800 now from the all-time high of more than 3,200 under Pango. We asked Air of secrecy, why it determined to tumble the server depend and the firm talked about, “Air of secrecy makes employ of more extremely efficient servers and has a more atmosphere pleasant draw stack. We have persevered to innovate on the VPN infrastructure stack leveraging our proprietary Hydra expertise, which has ended in an structure that utilizes a smaller desire of primarily professional servers that work together to bid a superior VPN expertise.”

locations hss IDG

Hotspot Defend’s country listings.

Hotspot Defend’s dedicated country list presentations your currently selected country, a transient-fetch admission to piece, and then a catalogue of all worldwide locations.

On the left side of the app are a desire of menu items in a extraordinarily slim left rail. Click on the “hamburger” menu icon to gift the names of every and each menu merchandise.

The menu hasn’t changed too essential. It has added a constructed-in stride test supplied by Measurement Lab (M-Lab). This test permits you to overview the speeds of no matter community you’re currently linked to—be it your non-public dwelling community, or one of many VPN servers.

The opposite main strategies for customers encompass the default Home piece, Account, moreover Settings. The Reinforce piece also has rapid links to right-time chat give a boost to and distress-ticketing for top price customers, moreover a hyperlink to the provider’s FAQ page.

The settings web pronounce has a desire of precious items. There’s a web extinguish switch that stops all web pronounce visitors if the VPN connection crashes till you reconnect to the VPN. There’s also an “Auto-give protection to” characteristic that may robotically connect with the VPN need to you’re on public Wi-Fi. It is most likely you’ll presumably well also catch your gain protocol: HotSpot Defend’s proprietary Hydra protocol or IKEv2.

Hotspot Defend also helps U.S. Netflix while on the VPN, moreover other streaming products and services. Of route, need to you connect with the U.S. you presumably may presumably well scrutinize a desire of strategies. To boot to to true clicking a neighborhood you presumably may presumably well catch servers dedicated to streaming,  gaming, or overall plan. 

While you’ve received the VPN up and running, the app shows itsy-bitsy informational tiles that yelp your VPN space, the VPN IP address you’re the usage of, the amount of bandwidth you’ve frail going up and down, stride data, plus the name of the local community you’re currently on. The server data tile has some nice data in it, including your recent IP address, the weight of the server (as a share), the latency, and length of time linked. 

Hotspot Defend is most likely one of many more costly strategies, but that’s due to the the truth that it’s bundled with other products and services. There are three plans including a free notion, which is so miniature we can’t imply it. The next-step up is named Top class, which costs $95.88 and offers you all four products and services: the VPN, antivirus, password supervisor, and unsolicited mail-name blocker for mobile. There’s also a Top class Household notion for $143.88 per yr that offers accounts for up to 5 folks. Top class and Top class Household also have month-to-month strategies of $13 and $20, respectively.

Hotspot Defend helps up to 5 simultaneous tool connections, and Air of secrecy accepts payments through credit ranking card and PayPal. The provider has apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. There are also instructions for establishing a router, as with quite lots of alternative products and services.


hotspot IDG

A reside reference to Hotspot Defend.

Hotspot Defend is peaceable the quickest provider around. In our tests, the VPN retained nearly 67 p.c of the unpleasant get stride, averaged over three days of testing. When it involves stride, Hotspot Defend is basically in its gain league. The next quickest VPN in our tests is more than 13 share aspects within the aid of HSS. There have been even days when HSS’ speeds in some worldwide locations had been nearly same to the unpleasant stride, short by handiest 5 to 10 megabytes per 2nd. 

Hotspot Defend is effectively the quickest VPN we’ve ever tested, with other notorious VPN products and services coming in formulation within the aid of.

As traditional, undergo in mind that stride tests can vary somewhat plenty, and your mileage may presumably well vary depending for your ISP’s speeds, router, PC, and other equipment.

Privacy, anonymity, and belief

Air of secrecy is primarily based in Burlington Massachusetts, the CEO is Hari Ravichandran. 

Hotspot Defend peaceable requires an e-mail address and password to stamp up, which is traditional for VPNs. Payments are also traditional with strategies for credit ranking card or PayPal. There are no strategies for cryptocurrencies or money.

hss settings general IDG

Hotspot Defend’s settings show masks.

No matter the management changes, the privateness protection hasn’t changed that essential. Air of secrecy has two paperwork: a main privateness protection and a VPN-particular one. Air of secrecy peaceable collects the domains you focus on over with, as did the outdated Hotspot Defend homeowners. Now not the particular URLs, mind you, true the easier-level domains (i.e. and no longer of). Air of secrecy says it does this in picture to, “computer screen, give a boost to, and optimize our VPN products and services.” This optimization is most likely one of many reasons Hotspot Defend is ready to preserve on the high of our stride rankings. 

To boot to to the domains, Hotspot Defend also creates a hash per your tool attributes and makes employ of that to measure bandwidth employ, present give a boost to, analytics, and so on. Air of secrecy says it makes employ of a hash on story of it doesn’t “require customers to register an story to employ a pair of of our merchandise and desire a formulation to yelp apart between diverse customers and build the actions above.” Your IP address is also saved (in an encrypted bid) throughout your VPN session and then deleted. Finally, the firm also collects the duration of your lessons and bandwidth consumption. Air of secrecy says it does this “to computer screen, give a boost to, and optimize our VPN products and services, moreover implement free app usage limits.”


Hotspot Defend is doubtlessly the most sharp option in case your handiest mission is substantial VPN speeds for streaming, gaming, and so on. Air of secrecy’s privateness protection leaves plenty to be desired, however, in case your main mission is privateness or gaining as essential anonymity as you presumably may presumably well realistically fetch online. The reality is that there are other VPN products and services that log far less data, and peaceable have acceptable speeds. 

We’re also no longer mountainous followers of proprietary VPN protocols, even though this one is per notorious tools. In short, this is no longer the ultra-non-public VPN you’re shopping for if achieving a life like amount of anonymity is your plan.

It’s laborious to argue with these constant stride results, however. If your handiest mission is getting the quickest VPN most likely then you definately need to peaceable test Hotspot Defend for yourself.

*Hotspot Defend makes employ of virtual server areas where the bodily server behaves as if it’s in a single country but is mostly in a single more.

Editor’s gift: Due to online products and services are assuredly iterative, gaining unusual aspects and performance enhancements over time, this overview is enviornment to alternate in picture to accurately think the unusual bid of the provider. Any changes to textual pronounce material or our final overview verdict will be effectively-known on the high of this article.

Repeat: In case you bought one thing after clicking links in our articles, we may presumably well produce a itsy-bitsy commission. Read our affiliate hyperlink protection for more itsy-bitsy print.

  • Hotspot Defend is a high quality VPN with the quickest speeds around bar none. It also has an improbable desktop app, 85 country choices, and a community of nearly 2,000 servers. We build no longer cherish the privateness protection, since the VPN peaceable logs quite lots of files. The firm says this files is no longer tied to your within most exercise, but this is peaceable no longer the VPN that privateness-unsleeping customers are shopping for.


    • Very rapid
    • Giant country more than a few and heaps servers


    • Domain visits are recorded, even though no longer tied to you
    • Dear

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