(CNN)The US Marshals Carrier is inquiring for the final public’s aid in identifying a particular person investigators enlighten strongly resembles one of its most wanted fugitives who has been on the flee for 23 years.

John Ruffo became convicted in the slack 1990s of a $350 million financial institution fraud procedure and sentenced to 17 1/2 years in penal advanced. He became given bond but by no manner showed up to penal advanced to serve his sentence.
About $13 million of the money became by no manner recovered.
In September 2016, a tip came in to investigators that Ruffo, now 66, had been at a Boston Red Sox and LA Dodgers baseball game in Los Angeles a month earlier, on August 5, 2016, and that he became sitting about four rows up from dwelling plate wearing a blue shirt, the Marshals Carrier said in a news initiate.
A video clip from the game confirmed a particular person fitting Ruffo’s description became sitting several rows in the encourage of dwelling plate. Earlier than that that you may per chance well per chance per chance deem of 2016 sighting, Ruffo hadn’t been considered since 1998 at an ATM in Fresh York, the Marshals Carrier said.
Investigators collect been able to slim the seat down to Portion 1 Dugout Membership, Row EE, Seat 10. But even supposing they learned the seat and identified the particular particular person that sold the seats, they have not been able to name the man in the blue shirt.
Ruffo is now the arena of the ABC Recordsdata podcast “Hang You Seen This Man?”
After his conviction for his part in what the Marshals Carrier says is one of many biggest financial institution fraud scams in US historical past, Ruffo became given a $10 million bond and ordered to affirm to a federal penal advanced in Fresh Jersey on November 9, 1998, to launch serving his 210-month sentence. But he by no manner showed.
An arrest warrant became issued tomorrow. US marshals learned that on November 9, Ruffo drove a rental automobile to the lengthy-duration of time automobile automobile parking space at John F. Kennedy World Airport. It’s believed he rented the auto earlier that day in Big apple and withdrew money from an ATM on the style to the Fresh York airport, the Marshals Carrier said.
Investigators enlighten if the man in the blue shirt is Ruffo, he is in overall utilizing an alias.

A ‘grasp manipulator’ who enjoys ‘soft wine, playing and good accommodations’

Since Ruffo disappeared, the Marshals Carrier says it has chased hundreds of leads across the United States and worldwide. Whereas there collect been quite a lot of reported sightings of Ruffo, the ATM photo is the closing confirmed sighting.
Ruffo became 5 feet 5 inches, 23 years in the past and weighed roughly 170 pounds, the Marshals Carrier said.
“He is known to be computer savvy and enjoys soft wines, playing, and good accommodations,” the news initiate said. “He is reportedly lactose-illiberal. Ruffo became known to be a storyteller, somebody who loved to stretch the truth, and had a want to mark others. He has been known as a grasp manipulator.”
Because of of his time as a businessman in Fresh York, investigators enlighten, Ruffo has plenty of world connections. He had traveled to Aruba and showed ardour in Italy, the attach he became known to gather traveled in the past.
Given these stable world ties and a probability that Ruffo can be living in a international nation, wanted posted collect been translated into seven languages, the Marshals Carrier said.
A reward of up to $25,000 is being provided for any files main to Ruffo’s arrest.
The Marshals Carrier says anybody with files may per chance well merely quiet contact the closest district plot of job or put up a tip thru 877-WANTED2 or the company’s app or net net page.

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