Publishers are now reckoning with a truth that the pandemic pressured on all of them thru the last 18 months — the excellent formula to take care of a pivot a long way off from in-particular person occasions.

Now that the vaccine rollout is persevering with, media pros are determining which aspects of their pivots to digital occasions would maybe moreover just soundless address in tact as they navigate what’s next.

The pivot used to be swift. Take Essence. In March 2020, the New York-based mostly put used to be making ready for the 26th anniversary of its Essence Competition, a multi-weekend match in New Orleans that consists of panels, concerts, performances, film screenings and perusing. When it used to be obvious the pandemic would closing longer than a few weeks, Stephanie Hodges-Dunivan, vp of experiential, branded protest and video at Essence, determined that the firm desired to originate its marquee match digital, or doubtlessly lose out on a smartly-organized portion of annual income, though she didn’t train exhausting figures.

This first stab at a digital match got right here with some classes, however succeeded in drawing near shut to 45 million views over the direction of six days. The 2d strive at hosting the festival throughout a world pandemic got right here with contemporary concerns, on the choice hand, including reincorporating some in-particular person components, however equally as vital, originate the digital protest polished sufficient to compete with all of the assorted protest on the rating that cropped up within the past one year. 

One day of the Digiday Publishing Summit in September, Hodges-Dunivan shared how she and her crew began the transition again to in-particular person occasions, no longer the formula they were done in 2019, however in a hybrid formula that works for 2021. 

Essence’s Mission: Effect a brand contemporary strategy for in-particular person occasions


Rising a hybrid model

The predominant motive Hodges-Dunivan said Essence desired to raise again its in-particular person festival used to be to save a sense of normalcy and birthday party to New Orleans and the neighborhood the put this match historically took space. In 2018, the Competition introduced in $280 million to local companies within town.

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“Essence Competition in New Orleans is extra or less a devour fable,” said Hodges-Dunivan. “We didn’t wish to comprise a entire assorted one year cross with out giving again to the of us of NOLA.”

To further this mission, she said the firm selected no longer to charge any of the attendees for tickets to the in-particular person occasions, however requested them to as yet any other donate three hours of their time to save neighborhood service for town.


The arrangement it used to be done

The in-particular person components of the Essence Competition didn’t buy space in The Caesars Superdome, prefer it did in earlier years. Even supposing COVID vaccinations were extra accessible in June and July this one year, Hodges-Dunivan said her crew didn’t wish to likelihood having droves of of us in one home.

As yet any other, they took a modular formula that consisted of micro activations and sessions spanning one day of your whole city.

The festival frail several Airstream trailers that were transformed into pop-up levels and match venues, which had been put of residing up in assorted neighborhoods and neighborhood centers spherical town. For elevated scale activations, like concerts, the crew created a pressure-in style viewing trip at an area university, which provided the crew with the infrastructure to host the performances and allowed of us to social distance by staying in their vehicles.


Findings: The digital component is correct as vital and in-particular person

Essence Competition has historically been are residing streamed to at-home audiences and recorded for social distribution, however Hodges-Dunivan said that she by no formula frail to push the digital are residing tear because it would maybe maybe give audiences that couldn’t aid, or comprise sufficient money to aid, FOMO (wretchedness of missing out). 

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However like almost every creator that tested digital occasions, she realized the sizable crowd of 500,000 those who flocked to the Superdome in 2019 used to be correct the tip of the iceberg for those who wished they’ll moreover aid. On-line viewership reached north of 45 million views in 2020, and indicated to the crew that this used to be an viewers to buy a comprise a study and reach again in 2021.

There used to be extra special extra protest, match and leisure offerings this one year vying for this audiences’ attention, on the choice hand, so the crew would maybe moreover no longer correct serene down and count on the flat Zoom panels and single digicam video shoots that it frail the earlier one year. Any digital protest desired to be invested in to make certain the manufacturing used to be fine quality. This incorporated pre-recording sessions months sooner than they would air in studios the employ of a pair of cameras. 

“Americans comprise so many alternate options, it is most reasonable to pause the scroll, and you can moreover’t buy anything else with out a consideration,” said Hodges-Dunivan.

However she said she will be able to not be any longer terrified that the elevated manufacturing worth for the digital components will prevent the in-particular person festival moments from thriving. “Being at Essence Competition is a determined trip,” she said, including that it has become an intergenerational, shared trip one day of the last almost three decades.



  • Be flexible

“Agility is the number one ingredient. If you can moreover thought an match throughout a virulent disease, you can moreover elegant extra special save anything else. Upright having thought Bs for your thought Zs is all you can moreover save,” Hodges-Dunivan said.

As an illustration, Essence used to be planning a chain of smaller concerts to buy space in Louisiana earlier than the delta variant outbreak. As soon as that took space, Hodges-Dunivan said her crew modified the concerts true into a chain of vaccination drives. And then, when Hurricane Ida hit the train this summer, the crew pivoted once extra to incorporate food and offers drives for those plagued by the storm.

  • Give your viewers time to train as smartly 
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The festival’s headliners are usually announced in April, Hodges-Dunivan said, however now it’s truly vital to message early. The festival dates were announced in February this one year. “We’re restful to the truth that folk had been struggling financially. Within the occasion that they desire to protect shut one ingredient a one year for their family to save, we would like to present them extra runway to save that,” she said.


Where save you go from right here?

Essence has no longer solidified it’s plans for next one year’s festival yet, however Hodges-Dunivan said her crew is already working thru the many probabilities which will probably be dependent on transmission rates, alternative of cases and numerous likely variants that pop up within the subsequent one year.

“All the venues that we are thinking of the employ of, we comprise them on support already, whereas usually we’d comprise a minute little bit of leeway [because] of us know that we’re coming. However there [are] correct so many occasions that had been positioned on support that as soon as the field opens up, there’s no longer going to be as many alternate options,” she said.

On story of Essence has been keeping its festival for 27 years in New Orleans and has contributed a gigantic economical boost to town over that timeframe, Hodges-Dunivan said they’re given yet any other stage of flexibility from the mayor’s space of business and from local companies to alter plans as circumstances swap. She didn’t ingredient further what that leeway appeared like.

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