Bit2Me has been within the blockchain industry for a couple of years and as a FinTech company, it has reaped substantial achievements.

The year 2021 has been substantial for the corporate that specialize in financial technology.

This would possibly be attributed to exposure to the final public thru courageous marketing campaigns, increasing to utterly different areas fair like Latin The US as well to launching an infinity of companies and products for the crypto sector.

The closing purpose is to turn exact into a total carrier for both corporations and people.

Power efforts earn culminated within the winning start of its native B2M token, which has obtained high ask, promoting its beefy capitalization in about a seconds.

What does the future take for Bit2Me?

Bit2Me modified into primarily based in 2014 and since then has constantly followed a solid direction without taking a peek support. The Spanish company will bear in mind 2021 as presumably the predominant year where it location whisk on the high seas, taking a agency step forward, maturing as a company with a glimpse of a promising future.

On September 30, 2021 the opening route of of its native B2M token has culminated.

BeInCrypto spoke with co-founder and CEO of Bit2Me, Leif Ferreira, about its present site and the future plans of the corporate.

The winning sale of the B2M token

Bit2Me launched its B2M token in September 2021, closing a fundraising route of reaching 20 million euros from its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in file time.

The ask within the three originate rounds of financing modified into unheard of and unprecedented in Spain.

Daniel Ramirez-Escudero/ BeInCrypto: I exclaim you are going to be obsessed with the success of the gross sales, the first round took 59 seconds to shut the sale, the 2d in 47 seconds, and the final in 38 seconds. Did you demand such success?

Leif Ferreira: Nothing, under no circumstances and no more at these speeds. Until the final moment, you construct now no longer know the intention the gross sales are going to head, all without lengthen there is a drop within the cryptocurrency market, because it passed off, and a few mediate that it’d additionally now no longer be the time to make investments in an ICO, and every little thing adjustments radically. Even though it took merely about a seconds to originate gross sales in each and every round.

After the success, I introduced the crew collectively and instructed the crew how very a lot surprised I modified into and the intention proud I modified into of them for having worked hard to glean right here. The humorous thing is that the B2M token has now no longer only served to finance, but to originate ourselves known, we earn grown in loads of areas.

BIC: Bit2Me’s B2M token modified into first sold in a non-public sale and then opened to the final public thru an ICO. Why did you to exclaim on this format?

Leif Ferreira: We wished to construct it from Spain to turn out to be pioneers again, by being the first to start out something esteem this. It is some distance appropriate that completely different Spanish initiatives earn launched ICO’s earlier than, but from completely different aspects of the planet, no one had done it from Spain.

Now we were making ready this ICO for more than three years. We needed to study to stare if there are these which will doubtless be in search of to glean sharp a pair of project in Spain, after the private sale we idea-about opening this funding to people and we were very winning.

The non-public sale already covered the financing of the product, calculating that the MVP would be 2.5 million euros, after the ICO we reached 20 million euros. We idea that we’d now no longer glean wherever come that enhance, we save a restrict to enhance the B2M tokenomics.

We could maybe additionally earn given the influence that raising this quantity of cash is easy, but we were giving interviews for seven years, working on the project, and creating a imprint. Now we earn in the end been rewarded.

Daniel Ramirez-Escudero: That that you would be in a position to additionally were ready to fetch 20 million euros in almost 2 and a half minutes, given such success, construct you mediate there would were room for extra cash sequence?

Leif Ferreira: The users themselves earn attain to touch upon Telegram if a brand new portion will doubtless be opened since some were missed and thus the funds are expanded.

However, with the funds we within the intervening time earn, we earn good ample. We could maybe additionally profit the neighborhood as well to the corporate with one other growth, but we would be loading the tokenomics of the issued tokens and we’d also look our distribution commitments altered.

Whoever needs to rob tokens has it easy, they must wait till November 1, 2021.

Bit2Me has matured. What’s its future?

Bit2Me has obtained an annual growth of 1,200%, reaching 1.7 million users in its Bit2Me Academy amongst completely different substantial achievements.

As has passed off in completely different the same initiatives, the growth momentum is within the muse very intense and then enters a consolidation zone where the corporate enters a brand new portion where it must point to facts and now no longer merely guarantees, nonetheless, Bit2Me could maybe additionally quiet earn more save of living to grow in step with Ferreira.

BIC: Attain you mediate you earn reached any such degree or are there quiet such noteworthy growths to return?

Leif Ferreira: I exclaim that the final industry is in beefy growth, the same gamers esteem Binance or Coinbase continue to grow year after year.

It provides me the feeling that the sphere will continue to grow within the next decade, it seems very certain to me that all people goes to make exercise of bitcoin (BTC) immediately or now no longer immediately. Tools will doubtless be wished so as to make exercise of these companies and products, new actors will appear and plenty of venerable corporations will look on this the ecosystem thru which they’ve to make certain or certain.

The closing purpose is for BTC to space itself as a forex of mass exercise.

We can continue to grow with the industry if we construct things as we were doing earlier than. Bit2Me has continually grown organically, highlighting that within the final year the seeds that we earn planted for years earn begun to endure fruit.

BIC: When that moment of maturity and consolidation of growth arrives, what are your targets and where will Bit2Me’s attention shift?

Leif Ferreira: It is some distance appropriate that we offer a total suite but we’re fascinated with the final public that desires to be taught and engage with cryptocurrencies. Subsequently, we earn a crew dedicated to finding out with our Bit2Me Academy product.

Varied targets would be to start out staking or lending with us because the Mastercard crypto debit card which will doubtless be one in every of our priorities. We are in search of to shut the circle so as that we are in a position to offer a total carrier as a crypto bank.

Thus we are in a position to wait on the holder who needs to safeguard their BTC since it is some distance a protected haven mark so as that their savings are now no longer eaten by the authorities fair like devaluation and hidden taxes thru inflation.

Others mediate that it is time to make exercise of cryptocurrencies on a day-to-day foundation, for instance, Bit2Me provides companies and products to Coolmod to route of funds with cryptocurrencies.

I modified into amazed since you’re receiving many purchases with BTC, I made a huge gamble thru which I’d invite them to a paella if they exceed 30,000 euros in BTC, this restrict modified into exceeded in a transient time.

It is some distance fragment of the philosophy that BTC is feeble to originate day-to-day funds or as international remittances. Subsequently, we must offer companies and products for these which will doubtless be in search of to take lengthy-time-frame with our staking or completely different products such because the wallet or the crypto debit card for day-to-day spending.

For this, Bit2Me has planned to rent 140 folks within the next 12 months, where fragment of our funds will doubtless be allocated.

BIC: That that you would be in a position to additionally earn mentioned that you finally are in search of to be a crypto bank, on your whitepaper you highlight that this is one in every of the future targets of Bit2Me, why will Bit2Me search to shut its believe banking license and its repercussions?

Leif Ferreira: For now, within the crypto world it is some distance now no longer vital yet, though it is some distance expected that within the next months this could maybe additionally trade as a consequence of regulation exercise.

In the fiat world, we earn newbie prospects who need this bridge, we earn to offer accounts with euros and for this, we would like an digital cash license.

For now, we earn partnered with a third glean collectively for this carrier. The topic is that you’re relegating a company that could demand you a series of necessities and this slows down the route of. We are in search of to earn the independence so as to earn a BTC deal with and the fiat world to shut the circle to be a crypto bank.

The evolution of the crypto market earlier than the activation of the regulation

The crypto sector is witnessing how regulation has began to intervene more aggressively within the cryptocurrency market.

From the US, preventively prohibiting crypto products earlier than their start in China, prohibiting any exercise with any cryptocurrency, or blockading companies and products fair like TradingView, CoinMarketCap, or CoinGecko.

In Europe, engines are initiating to warm up, and taking a peek at the the leisure of the world. European regulation will doubtless be activated.

BIC: Observing what is occurring within the US with the SEC and analyzing the most popular case with Coinbase and its Lend product. Attain you mediate that the prohibition of a product that generates hobby could maybe additionally occur in Spain or in Europe?

Leif Ferreira: Hypothetically it’d additionally occur, but we mediate it is some distance such an enticing product that it be important to earn it. It is important to distinguish Coinbase from Bit2Me, Coinbase is listed on the stock market and therefore has completely different principles to bellow, and Europe would no longer earn an organization esteem the SEC within the US, it is some distance one other ecosystem.

Now we earn came across that the product has obtained a extraordinarily high hobby from the neighborhood. It is some distance a contract thru which users offer us their cryptocurrencies voluntarily in present to offer them some hobby, we can continue with it.

BIC: Bit2Me has been echoed amongst the Spanish inhabitants as a consequence of a courageous promoting marketing campaign on your fragment. Appreciate you ever needed to battle thru the Nationwide Securities Market Commission (CNMV)?

Leif Ferreira: The Spanish regulation took a regulations out of nowhere but it is some distance now no longer yet in force, it is some distance expected that it will doubtless be save into operation by 2022. They are in search of to be instructed as lengthy because the marketing campaign can earn a speculative part.

Let’s bear in mind, our campaigns earn feeble a humorous tone fair like “Bitcoin, bienvenido a la república independiente de tu pasta”. We were vastly very a lot surprised to contact a couple of pillars, for instance, thanks to how this country is, the message could maybe additionally were at a loss for phrases with something political as a consequence of the world of the republic. It has in the end been a success.

Provide: Twitter- Bit2Me

The B2M token and external components fair like technology and crypto market cycles

The B2M token has now no longer yet long gone on the originate market, but when it does, it will doubtless be suffering from the prerequisites of the cryptocurrency market as well to its tokenomics and its development.

BIC: Attain you understand what investor profile are these that earn equipped within the originate rounds?

Leif Ferreira: A in reality retail profile, there are some 13,000 ordinary operations, there are only 11,000, so 2,000 are repeat users. Eliminating the life like operation per operation, it reached almost 2,000 euros.

It is some distance no longer a extraordinarily gigantic purchase, within the final around the life like fell to 700 euros. In distinction, the earlier non-public round reached a median funding of 50,000 euros.

This formula that funding has been capitalized, which I mediate is the most easy thing for a token to glean out of the style of whales and democratize the token. Unruffled, there are these that earn equipped gigantic quantities, fair like a one that equipped 300,000 euros in B2M.

BIC: B2M will doubtless be an ERC-20 token, will it be at the mercy of Ethereum’s gas ratios?

Leif Ferreira: Each time there would possibly be an entry or exit operation thru the Ethereum community, funds will must be paid. All operations which will doubtless be done off-chain, that is, purchases, gross sales, exchanges, applying reductions, and balloting. These is now no longer going to generate any expense for the person regarding Ethereum.

Relating to Ethereum 2.0, I am optimistic that they’ll repair the scaling enviornment. Likewise, Bit2Me is entirely free that after the time comes for any lack of take watch over of Ethereum commissions that makes the operation unfeasible, we could maybe additionally continually work with completely different platforms fair like Cardano or others by altering the dapper contract of the platform.

BIC: In January, the lockup of non-public gross sales will originate to be launched and so forth from the completely different phases. What construct you mediate could maybe additionally occur?

Leif Ferreira: We’re now no longer anxious about the lockup since we first know that investors who earn interacted within the first rounds are continuously point to for the very lengthy time-frame. Likewise, the lockup will doubtless be opened gradually.

BIC: Will the B2M token be suffering from a Bitcoin/Ethereum bull or endure market?

Leif Ferreira: I mediate it will doubtless be affected, the moment that B2M reaches the originate market will doubtless be at the mercy of traits. If we finally enter a endure market, folks will horror and as there are blocks, for now, they’ll quiet now no longer be ready to sell, cushioning the conceivable drop.

In distinction, if there were a B2M bull market, it will profit vastly due to there are now no longer many tokens available within the market yet, which is why there would possibly be plenty of ask and miniature provide, and with this, it will vastly profit.

When it is some distance 100% disbursed available within the market I exclaim it will correlate with the completely different currencies. Meanwhile, exact thru this market opening route of, you’ll doubtless be in a position to profit some distance more from a bull market than that you would be in a position to additionally lose from a endure market.


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