I originate no longer contemplate ANYONE wishes to be on prime now.


In Cycles 14 and 17, when Angelea was as soon as disqualified for having hasty worked as an escort:

The CW


In Cycle 4, when Kahlen needed to pose in a grave shortly after she stumbled on out that her excellent friend had died:

The CW


In Cycle 4, when they made Michelle maintain she was as soon as tormented by a flesh-eating micro organism, but she in actual fact had untreated impetigo:

The CW


In Cycle 8, when Jael needed to pose as a corpse the week after her excellent friend died of an overdose:


In Cycle 5, when Tyra implied that Kim must composed tone down her lesbianness:

The CW


In Cycle 6, when Tyra Banks ridiculed Danielle for no longer looking out to cease the gap in her enamel:

The CW


Then, in Cycle 15, the true similar Tyra had Chelsey widen the gap between her enamel:

The CW


In Cycle 4, when Keenyah was as soon as blamed for being inappropriately touched by a male model at a photoshoot:

The CW


In Cycle 22, when Nyle — who’s deaf — needed to pose at the hours of darkness, which left him unable to signal or keep up a correspondence with the photographer:

The CW


Also in Cycle 3, when Amanda — who’s legally blind — needed to sprint a dimly lit runway:

The CW


In Cycle 24, when Jeana was as soon as slut-shamed for posing in Playboy:


In Cycle 10, when Isis — the first transgender contestant on the screen — was as soon as bombarded with ignorant and transphobic questions and comments:

The CW


In Cycle 10, when Tyra over and over mispronounced Katarzyna’s title:

The CW


In Cycle 7, when Ginger was as soon as eliminated AFTER refusing to pose nude for a portray shoot:

The CW


In Cycle 6, when the contestants were compelled to sprint in dangerously excessive heals, which resulted in Danielle spraining her toe:

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In Cycle 7, when Jaeda needed to kiss a racist man in a portray shoot:

The CW


In Cycle 6, when Danielle was as soon as hospitalized but left against medical advice in uncover to be pleased part in a portray shoot:

The CW


In Cycle 4, when Keenyah needed to costume up as an elephant and pose as “gluttony” after gaining weight:

The CW


In Cycle 12, when London was as soon as eliminated because of of her weight manufacture:


In Cycle 13, when the girls needed to pose in a “biracial”-themed portray shoot:

The CW


On that field, in Cycle 4, when the girls needed to model as “diversified ethnicities” — some that fervent brown- and blackface — for a portray shoot:

The CW


In Cycle 16, when Tyra made 14 girls contemplate they were going home, but they were in actual fact the dwell 14. And the dwell 14 they at first told were entering into the home were in actual fact being sent home:


In Cycle 1, when the contestants were weighed on TV…and then their weights were TOLD TO ALL OF AMERICA:

The CW


In Cycle 3, when Cassie was as soon as told that her hips and thighs were too immense, even supposing her disordered eating was as soon as one thing she discussed on the screen:

The CW


In ANTM: All Stars, where contestants posed in a Michael Jackson–themed portray shoot (yikes), which fervent a number of of the girls in blackface and brownface (yikes x 2):

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In Cycle 21, when Yu Tsai refered to Chantelle (aka Winnie Harlow) as “panda.” Chantelle lives with a pores and skin condition called vitiligo, which is when patches of pores and skin lose their pigment:

The CW


In Cycle 1, when Janice Dickinson told Shannon to head work at a “vehicle manufacturing facility or a bakery” because of she did not must pose nude attributable to her spiritual beliefs:

The CW


In Cycle 3, when Yaya was as soon as criticized for an “overbearing” must “narrate [her] Africanness” and was as soon as then compelled to narrate sorry:

The CW


In Cycle 6, when Janice Dickinson made Gina relate her who was as soon as bothering her within the house…and then yelled at her for ratting out her fellow model:

The CW


In Cycle 15, when Kayla was as soon as composed compelled to shoot a commercial with a particular person after disclosing to Jay Manuel that she had been sexually assaulted:

The CW


In Cycle 6, when Tyra pretended to faint and disturbed your complete contestants:

The CW


In Cycle 7, when CariDee obtained hypothermia from posing in a freezing pool:

The CW


In Cycle 2, when Janice Dickinson told the 18-year-former Catie that she regarded fancy a “youngster prostitute”:


In Cycle 24, when Tyra made Liberty dye her hair purple because of she “voted purple” within the 2016 election. Liberty then began to criticize redheads in all places:


Indirectly, in Cycle 8, when 50 Cent pushed Jael within the pool because of she irritated him:

The CW

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