$2 Billion Worth of Unpeeled Casascius Physical Bitcoins: There's Less Than 20,000 Coins Left Active

Whereas bitcoin continues to turn into extra scarce each day, potentially the most neatly-preferred scheme of physical bitcoins, crafted by Mike Caldwell from 2011 to 2013, bear turn into a long way scarcer than their digital counterparts. As of September 18, 2021, there are in actuality lower than 20,000 active bitcoins from the Casascius physical bitcoin collection.

Casascius Bodily Bitcoin Sequence Grows Scarcer

Bitcoin has turn into a neatly-identified expertise and within the early years slightly heaps of parents and corporations deployed ideas called “physical bitcoins.” In actual fact, a community or person would bear a coin with the bitcoin image etched on it and the coin would also select digital BTC hidden within the coin’s body.

It’s select up to order that the Casascius physical bitcoin collection created by Mike Caldwell is potentially the most neatly-preferred collection to this level, and these rare physical bitcoins are sold for noteworthy extra than the face price of the digital bitcoin they select.

Casascius bitcoins sport a holographic tamper-resistant sticker on one aspect of the coin, and if the sticker is peeled, the digital bitcoin’s private secret’s published. Caldwell crafted both coins and bars that held loaded bitcoin (BTC) and created sequence 1 (1-1,000 BTC), sequence 2 (0.5-500 BTC + the DIY Storage Bars), and sequence 3 (0.5-1 BTC).

$2 Billion Worth of Unpeeled Casascius Physical Bitcoins: There's Less Than 20,000 Coins Left Active
Casascius physical bitcoins made by Mike Caldwell bear obtained significant collectible and numismatic price neatly over the face price of the digital bitcoin loaded on these coins or bars.

Unfortunately, the U.S. govt compelled Caldwell to end minting Casascius bitcoins with loaded BTC on them. By the slay of Caldwell’s tenure making these coins, he managed to mint around 27,920 Casascius bitcoins with varied increments of loaded BTC. Over the years house owners bear redeemed the loaded price held on these Casascius bitcoins in a process called a “peel.”

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$2 Billion Worth of Unpeeled Casascius Physical Bitcoins: There's Less Than 20,000 Coins Left Active
Image by casasciustracker.com on September 18, 2021.

On December 23, 2019, Bitcoin.com News reported on a 100 BTC gold bar that used to be peeled or redeemed. This approach the digital BTC price used to be spent by the owner and the physical bar is empty with zero digital price left. Ten years after the first Casascius bitcoins bear been minted, there’s below 20K left which would maybe per chance be active with loaded BTC.

19,920 Casascius Bodily Bitcoins Left to Peel

In keeping with statistics from casasciustracker.com, on September 18, 2021, there’s approximately 19.92K active Casascius bitcoins ready to be peeled. Up to now 8,009 coins or bars bear been redeemed over the closing ten years and there’s approximately 43K BTC left unpeeled price over $2 billion.

$2 Billion Worth of Unpeeled Casascius Physical Bitcoins: There's Less Than 20,000 Coins Left Active
Image by casasciustracker.com on September 18, 2021.

48,169 BTC price $2.3 billion has been spent by the peel process. Furthermore, there are some lucky house owners who aloof bear but to peel 1,000 BTC bars or coins price $48 million the speak of on the present time’s substitute rates. As an instance, out of the six 1,000 BTC Sequence 1 Casascius bitcoins, supreme 2 bear been redeemed thus a long way.

In that associated sequence, Caldwell minted 16 1,000 BTC bars and thus a long way 87.50% or 14 bars bear been redeemed. There bear been 81 Sequence 2 100 BTC coins (price $4.8M every) minted by Caldwell and to this level 47 coins or 58.02% of the BTC has been redeemed from that minted scheme.

On the present time, the Casascius physical bitcoin collection has gathered significant numismatic price and the coins and bars are belief to be coveted bitcoiner collectibles. Even peeled Casascius bitcoins aloof select price and a couple of of them are being sold for $1,999 (for a 2012 portion). A loaded silver Casascius physical bitcoin with 0.1 BTC ($4,834) from 2013 is promoting for $20,000 on the present time. A rare unloaded scheme of 125 Casascius physical bitcoins fabricated from aluminum is promoting for $4,995.

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What pause you pronounce about the truth that there are in actuality lower than 20,000 Casascius bitcoins left active on the present time? Enable us to understand what you pronounce about this discipline within the comments portion below.

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