“Where are you in actuality from?”

Hi there y’all! My name is Amatullah, and I’ve been Muslim my total life. Of us are repeatedly weird to know extra about it, and I am repeatedly sharp to serve.

On the different hand, with the serve of my chums, I deem now’s a huge time to present y’all with a listing of questions you would possibly well positively now no longer quiz us.

This has gone on for lots too lengthy.

Note: I know that plenty of these questions are undoubtedly coming from a decent tell nonetheless for the remaining of y’all? This put up is without problems for you.


“Are you sizzling in your hijab?”

Now if or now no longer it is the middle of the summertime, what would assemble you deem I’m now no longer sizzling? We’re all sizzling! Nonetheless if or now no longer it is iciness, please know that I am in actual fact appropriate gorgeous and per chance hotter than you TBH.

Hijabs come in all a variety of colours, patterns, and fabrics so we adjust accordingly essentially based fully totally on the climate. If or now no longer it is sizzling? I’m going to throw on a lighter hijab. And if or now no longer it is chilly? I’m going to assemble certain or now no longer it is thick so my ears don’t drop off.


“Can I look for your hair?”

Merely build, hijabis (these who build on a hijab) can instruct their hair to males that they’re linked to or other ladies folks in recurring. On the different hand, appropriate because you drop into these courses does now no longer entitle you to flow looking out for his or her hair.

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In the occasion that they’re now no longer showing it to you willingly, don’t quiz!


“Fabricate you shower/sleep in it?”

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Obtain me someone who showers in their garments, and then we will focus on. And no, we don’t sleep in it. Now not that it would possibly well actually carry on anyway.


“Had been you compelled to set on it?”

This question is so offensive, words can’t listing it. You would possibly well now no longer take that someone used to be compelled to set on a hijab. While it is a tragic fact that some Muslim ladies folks are compelled and compelled to set on it, that’s now no longer the case for the massive majority of girls folks who will disclose you it used to be 100% by selection.


“Why don’t you set on a hijab?”

Right here is equally offensive, so in its set of occurring a total rant, appropriate know that this is frankly none of your trade. Right here is an field of people looking out for to police how ladies folks dress, and or now no longer it is now no longer OK appropriate since the woman is Muslim.

So don’t quiz.


“Are you able to handiest build on dark?”


“Why don’t males must hide their hair?”

Even although they don’t must, as well they receive pointers on how one can dress. Nonetheless what makes this question tense is that y’all repeatedly reserve this question for ladies folks in its set of asking males. Don’t quiz me why I’m covered while Muhammad is repeatedly posting shirtless thirst traps on Instagram. Query him in its set.

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“There’s pork in it? You would possibly’t appropriate purchase it out?”

Would you disclose someone with a nut hypersensitivity to appropriate purchase them out? Let that marinate for a second.


“Why don’t you drink? You’re lacking out!”

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In most cases, Muslims are strongly depressed from doing things which would be evil to the body. So drinking and smoking drop into that class due to the the health dangers. On the different hand, even supposing a Muslim is now no longer following that, they would possibly well per chance also be in recovery or would possibly also simply now no longer bask in the taste.

Either methodology, Muslim or now no longer, you mustn’t be asking someone why they’re now no longer drinking.


“You’re fasting? So that you just would possibly now no longer receive anything else? Now not even water? I would possibly also never.”

The observe “rapidly” skill to abstain from meals and drinks. That have to reveal you all you would favor to know.

Additionally, you no doubt would possibly also rapidly in case you had to. Nonetheless it completely’s very discouraging to instruct that to someone who’s fasting.

Questions about identity:


“My other Muslim pal does xyz. Why don’t you?”

Attributable to Muslims don’t seem like a monolith, and we don’t all apply the same methodology.


“Where are you from? No, I mean bask in where are you in actuality from?”


If someone tells you they’re from the US, as an instance, flow away it there. Of us in general take that all Muslims immigrated from one more nation, and or now no longer it is a extremely tense skills when simply asserting what tell I’m from is now no longer ample. 

With me being a Shaded American, members repeatedly push for added data so that my Muslim-ness is shimmering to them. For them, me being born to Muslim of us who were born within the US, whose of us were born within the US, and so forth is confusing. Nonetheless then they score depressed after I flat-out disclose them my ancestors were enslaved.  

It becomes a total dialog when it would possibly well actually also receive appropriate ended at the initial resolution. If what you would possibly be in actuality asking is my ethnicity, then appropriate relate that.


“Fabricate you focus on Islam?”

Islam is the religion, my pal. The these who apply it are Muslim. The language you would possibly be taking a query for is Arabic, and while the Qur’an is in Arabic, now no longer all Muslims focus on it.

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“Attributable to you would possibly be Muslim, instruct this (random) Quranic verse to me about (insert topic here).”

There are this kind of number of Muslims who are very a qualified in regards to the Qur’an and its teachings. I am now no longer one of them. We’re now no longer all students of Islam, nonetheless we can positively level in a decent direction that’s larger than appropriate a huge Google search.


And finally, “You do no longer question Muslim.”

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OK, nonetheless what does a Muslim question bask in? The reply to this is no longer any question going to be tubby of stereotypes which receive been perpetuated by TV reveals, motion photos, and books with none Muslim writers.

There would possibly be no person methodology for a Muslim to question.

Now or now no longer it is your turn! What’s something you would possibly receive been requested as a Muslim that you just desire members have to conclude asking? Let me know within the comments below.

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